Monday, August 24, 2015

The Feeling #3

The teachers of Dhani (English & Math teachers) whatsApp'ing me telling me on how Dhani behave badly on his maths exercise book, he do some "doodling" on it or tore apart the pages and teacher told me that it only had 4 pages left now.

Then, the maths teachers told me that, Dhani is such a full of imagination until he can sees the pencils and ruler in another turning way.

I was speechless and out of idea. I think i done a lot of thing but Dhani still act the same. Such a worthless feeling i have right now. 

I cried, besides i am thinking a lot about Dhani and my way of discipline him backwards. 

I guess i should change my way. Maybe it is because of me. Such a sad mother i am now.

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