Friday, January 9, 2015

Beyond everything.

Well, well.

I was planning my life back again , re-planning actually. And since people were made to be scared of something unknown, i admit i was merely one of them. I am afraid of whatever thing not to be happen yet or maybe never be happened at all.

Ever since, i was the one who always talk about misery in life (my misery probably). So that may connect to each other. Fine.

Ah, again. Ehem. Well, what actually i want ? 

Urgh. i think, thing wasn't work well for me right now and i am still don't know what to do or what to be or what to think and there i decide to just follow the flow. Tawakkal.

pause. Long breath.

This is it.

God, please help me in and out, guide me, guide my heart and my life to brace this life brave. Amen.

p/s : Pray for me and be honest.

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