Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My reasons for Blogging...

All that questions come up to me when few colleague start asking me the questions, when some of them noticed my personal blog. But when a "friend" asked me do i blog for money?

First thing comes into my mind that :-

~ How can we got money from blogging?

The only thing i know on how to earn money online was by online selling as i do....other than that i don't even know (seriously!!!!) o_O

Later on i found nuffnang , how? i saw it on other blog where the blog owner wrote " GIVE ME MONEY " on the tittle , i right-click on it & registered to nuffnang but i still got an error HTML code to paste on the blog, then, without thinking any longer i leave it just like that. =(

And with some help from expert, i finally able to paste the right code after 3rd time trials...see??? (now, i got nuff ad but still no income oo.......)
updated: i am giving up on nuff...sorry!

Then i do some Google search and here it is!!!!! there's a lots about How To Make Money by blogging on the search result...O MG!...just unbelievable, how come i didn't notice it before?...huhuh....(so pity me!)..

If so, i may received some amount wri
tten my name on at least, 1 piece of pay cheques! (perasan!!! mcm trafic blog tinggi sgt...hahahha....) updated : but, fortunately: NEVER!!!

Actually, the real thing is i am blogging because of Anya peters, i even, never know that we can create our own personal blog before. I "meet" anya peters, on March 2008 on my "long journey" back to KL with dhanie who just 3++ months that time, The tittle wrote "the nights i spent in my car", page.34 on Readers Digest, February 2008 edition, really an eye-opener to me.

(anybody..pls tell me how to rotate this pics? )

So, there i started my 1st blog, but due to my lack of experience, i never used to enjoy it! so from eager it comes to boring and finally going lazy...

But, if anyone ever notice, i start blogging on wordpress since april 2008, Two months after i "meet" Anya peters....

Now, i come up with the new one, i think much fresh than before, i decided to write about me, and the kids, the journey, the future and the simplicity of life we been through, the bundle of joy and tears we sang together, the various trials and tribulations that we will face in the future.

This is what i mean Colorful of life, the Colors of life!!!

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