Wednesday, April 24, 2013

let's leave it just like that

I've been asked a lot about the things I've been written in this blog lately, especially when i published this a few days ago. Some people(s) i guess a friend, call me immediately after reading those long posted by me on Friday.

Some asks about my life, how i was going through it lately, and few emails asks the same thing in their own words, most of them a women(s), girl(s) and a few of them was a man whom i recognised as my ex-classmates or some of them are my colleagues themselves.

So, here dear friends, i am not going to admit or to confess anything on whatever written and published in this blog lately. But i think i did told before that this blog is where i can talked and wrote almost anything about life, not necessarily mine but to anybody whom i know, but still i can't deny that sometimes i am talking about myself, the roller coaster life I've been living on, the hope(s), the imagination(s), the feeling(s), and the every upside-down life i am living currently.

I am not anybody nor anyone, i am just an ordinary girl or woman, a mother, a wife, an employee who trying my best to live happily as any happy people in this whole world. And each try out made by me comes with every consequence(s) and that's for true, either it was bad or good that was something i just need to accept and adapt.

So, to those who expressed their concern(s) to, telling me to be tough and strong or whoever the person who told me to pace this life bravely, i am deeply thanking you guys for that, it gave a lot to me. Thank You.

Only that, whatever wrote and will be written in this blog is truly comes from deep within me, and it's only that. Just leave it like that.don't bother. 


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