Tuesday, August 2, 2011

struggle myself with this

Howdy peeps!

by : Peter Gottschalk & Gabriel Greenberg

I am still struggling myself to read this book, i was planning to finish it by the end of Ramadan but handling home, kids and office task all by myself is quite tiring. Pffftttt.

Happy fasting and stay blessed everybody! ;)


Azeanthy Paiman said...

How is it sis?best kah??i am looking for books now,so boring without reading kn sis..anyway gud luck for u to finish reading of this book..hee..

happy fasting and god bless u sis..=)

Dida LiciouS said...

@Azeanthy Paiman sis baru baca introduction yg 11 pages...;)
sorry can't tell u much..

kay masingan said...

ba palan2 bah..sehari 1 page pun ok juga tu...:)

Dida LiciouS said...

@kay masingan thanks kay..akan di praktikkan..;)

Ikhwan Ng said...

Got ebook to download or not?

Dida LiciouS said...

@Ikhwan Ng sorry sir, i am not sure about that...u may try to search it tru google, by the way.