Friday, February 18, 2011

Thank You Life!

2 weeks ago i really felt my life little easier then usual, 2 weeks ago my children also glad they did not go to the nursery & spend the whole day at home and 2 weeks ago i did not have to wake up in a hurry and then go back in the evening with grumbling and tired...

But it is only happen for 2 weeks...and after the 2 weeks i will return to the previous life, a hurry, tired and weary! and the kids also have to go back to the nursery, facing it again, it may be a little difficult for them and I'm sure that the kids will be crying and begging
(especially "dhanie") not to sent them to "school" (as dhanie call "nursery")

What happened is not what i expected, and it's troubling me back now!..i was aggrieved by what happened, if i know this would be happen I'd rather face my life as before, without expecting helps from others!!! =(

Maybe i put too high expectations in this, i am expecting the presence of someone in this house may help me dealing with the kids in particular, but instead, i am now caught by my own expectations!!! =(

Maybe i am not grateful for the 2 weeks assistance, but compared with what i gave them i dare to say that it is not worthwhile, i don't need them to pay me back in return, i just need a little help before i can find someone who can look after the kids after her!!

Currently, i do feel saddened by what happened. I will have to deal with the exhausting pace of life, even the kids do too, and maybe this is the best for us, back to the "old" life and learn to be independent without expecting others.

What i expect for the future of my life will be easier and more fun, YES! the facts is life truly colorful. Thank You Life!!

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Anonymous said...

life extremely colorful.