Monday, February 14, 2011

A Great BIG Smile Of me!!

What makes me SMILES today!!!
I can't believe i found it on top of my printer case
I don't know how it can be there, i don't care if someone put it there
or me myself overlooked it there or what so ever
All that matter is I FOUND MY NOSTALGIC mechanical pencil today!

I Promise to look after it after this! PROMISE, PROMISE, PROMISE!!!

Thank you GOD for answering my prayer.Amen.


fashla said...

tersentap seketika melihat rupanya..banyak benar rasanya kenangan bersama nya..tanpa saya duga kewujudannya masih bagai azimat pada teman saya yang satu ini..semoga ia akan terus berada disisinya..seperti yang dimintanya..ur green mechanical pencil dat hv thousand memories in me and our relationship..

[b][u][r][u][d] =) said... nangis baca this posting, memang last Friday, btl2 rasa sedih lost this pencil, till i call the bos cuma tdk berani ja tanya dia bout this pencil, i try to use another pencil, but the feeling never be the same!! then, this morning mcm tidak percaya ja this pencil were on top of my printer, sakit2 gigi pun i was able to smile, a very big smile then took picture of it! in case someday pensil ni rosak but not hilang...!!, i still had the figure here...=D

And YES! true, it hold many memories of me, of us & our relationship!

AYAI said...

my nostalgic mechanical pencil had sad..huuu :D

[b][u][r][u][d] =) said...

hi ayai...

Found it ready, now i keep it safe & sound! :D