Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am still working hard on my other blog, make it 3 column, change the font and it's size, the pages,the widget and everything, but i have to admit that it still not attractive enough for me,thus,sometimes it look even more crowded than it's original template...and not giving up, i try it removing the posting date & time, by making it 3 column footer, try to modify the font & sizes, the sidebar tittle color & font size and everything ....and finally.....all the HTML code mess-up, i can't even read a single line because the words is overlapping to each other!

I felt a tears but i hold it down, my head shaky, my heart sink...i try my best but it didn't come out to be the goes even worse...almost want to totally give up, i got a bright idea by creating another fake 2 column blog copied the HTML and paste it to the crack blog, then it appear to be 2 column but i learn a lot of thing then!!

yeah, HTML is such sucks to me but at least i know a bit of it from zero background to at least know it's functions, and yet im not giving up, still working on it with some help from the creator of this page and also from someone but not able to link her now because i still waiting for the result. Thanks to them anyway..

So, Still not giving up, i will works on my bro personal blog after this even i didn't start it yet because im still don't have an idea for his concept, so, sabar dulu bro! i will come up with something new (hopefully) later!

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