Monday, February 7, 2011

Totally TIRED!!!!

It's is 2.52am now, both of the boy are already sleeps & by the time i was writing this i am wet by sweat???.....OH! NO!!NO!!NO!!...don't get me wrong, i am sweaty because i just lift 2 single bed mattress upstairs...BY MY was not only lifted up but i have to arrange the mattresses among the other i sounds like i have a dozen of mattress ?

YES! it definitely is!!!....WHY? emmm{thinking} it was belong to husband...but, sorry to say that..
from where and why he got it I do not think I need to share it here ... it is his business.....thanks!

And, what
and worse is I will go back to work tomorrow after a long vacation! arggghhh ... I am sleepy now & want to prepare my self for tomorrow, BUT NOW ...???? =( =( =(

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