Friday, February 11, 2011

I Lost IT!!!

I don't know how to describe my feeling now, but, i feel a bit emotional, i felt guilty and lost..i tried looking for it everywhere, on my table, under the table, below the whole bunch of paper, at the back of PC, everywhere....i am looking for it everywhere since 10.30am this morning but hopeless...i never ask anyone, but i want to ask someone, but i am still hesitate, hence i don't know her better, she is the new boss at different department and different level too, because she is the only person come to my table, seat on my chair this morning and i realize that she'd bring her pencil case too.....but how am i going to asks her about the mechanical pencils, the only mechanical pencil that i kept since i was in high school??

Well! it is only a pencil, a tiny green pencil, an old
mechanical pencil, but i LOVE it very very very much because it hold my thousands memories in it, my adolescent, my achievement....oooo...(deep breathe) green mechanical pencil...should i call her and asks for that lovely pencil of mine? should i? and what should i say then, "did u took my pencil boss? ???..arggghhhh...


Anonymous said...

just also a part of e i..

[b][u][r][u][d] =) said...

Yes! you're my adolescent too....don't u know? =D