Sunday, September 18, 2011

Howdy Peeps! : in brit-slanga :)

 Happy Sunday all!

I love to read, that's my passion, i used to read lots of book before, but since i become a working mother for two highly active boys, i started to read less and lesser.. :'(

Then i learned about blog, which is i just started for just a few months ago and i love it very much!it's definitely enjoyable. It is kind of excitement every time i got comments from few readers knowing that I've been read.

After few months actively blogging, today i stumble across to someone blog talking about how proud of her when she got an international's reader because writing in English rather than Malay, by giving her brief reasons i can't deny that it was true. When you write in English more people will read your rather than when you are writing in Malay, which is you can only have your readers between Malaysians or some from Asian countries which can understand Malay.

For me, i choose to write both in Malay and English languages, sometimes mixed with sabahan languages, some dusun and some kelantan-malay, it depends on my mood, if it feels like to be 'ala-ala Londoner's' then i choose to write in English even i realize that my English is poor damn suck!

What puzzled me most was, why most English written blog not so into Malay written blog (or other languages), i mean they're not being so friendly with those who wrote in other than English languages, (exception to my bloggers friend lah..) i got an experience where commenting on those English written blog, but they never come and visits neither commenting on mine? It is not because i was hoping they pay me their visits but at least saying 'hi' instead of thank you, i think that's not so hard to do..aite?,  I don't exactly know why, but i think, they're think that those Malay written blog may seem so low-class rather than their English written blog or is it possible that they can't understands Malay makes them not visits back? even they're Malaysian citizenship?...yada yada...

Actually, it doesn't really matter if you are writing in what languages as long as you feel comfortable and easy with it, it doesn't really mean you're so low class when writes in Malay and you're so high class when it in English because when it comes about passion, whatever the languages is, you feels the excitement and definitely will enjoy it more!


ijA said...

love to write in english language in my blog..need more time to spend..ehehe..walaupun grammar dah tungang langang da...thanks for your entri..

Fadzmie Mohamad said...

Saya punya blog, mimang kompem teda international reader ni. Hahaha.

DoRa Priscilla said...

Haiya I wrote alot then the internet connection went puff! >.<

maybe the people don't understand kot kak.. hehe.. you are right, sometimes I write in malay and sabahan too

Have a great week ahead kak Dida and sent my regards to your highly active boys ^^

Aki said...

I got a philipinos reader who love to learn malay word kak Dida.. and I love it.. I ask her to read my post and then ask me what she didn't understand on FB.. I don't know why some of our malaysian people will tend to look down on people blogging in Malay.. what's the problem kan?? Hehehe..

fashla said...

na simple as that..emmm..thats why most blog i went through written in English.or the comment in mukabuku were in eng.the way they see perasan pun..nasib the wedding card still in malay..buli plak kan..

kay masingan said...

tulis dalam bahasa apa x penting, apa yang penting kita enjoy menulis dan jika tulisan kita itu berbentuk nasihat dan bermesej, sampai mesej dan nasihat itu pd pembaca..

keep on blogging DiDa..:)