Sunday, June 5, 2011

10 Kota dengan wanita tercantik di dunia

Hai semua,

Ini adalah senarai 10 Kota / Ibukota yang mempuyai wanita paling cantik di dunia.....

1. Stockholm, Sweden

It seems like every woman in Stockholm is amazingly beautiful. You walk into 7-11 and the girl behind the counter easily would be an American model or Playboy Playmate. However this isn’t just with 7-11, it’s everywhere. Also, these women know how to party and enjoy each other. Per capita the women of Stockholm were the most beautiful. These women were also extremely educated and friendly. All of the women spoke English with English accents therefore there is no communication barrier. These women make you feel good in every way. Sweden is a must visit on a future vacation!

2. Copenhagen, Denmark 

Copenhagen’s women are probably some of the most approachable you will ever meet. Also, these women are much more liberated sexually than most other cities throughout the world. They are all over, working in all places and always ready to head to the local bar for a drink or two. The environment runs at a much slower pace and the women enjoy a wide variety of situations. In Copenhagen, during your trip, you will find yourself catching the eye of several women. Just remain cool, calm and collective and this will be a phenomenal trip.

3. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is a city unlike any other. It is truly one of the most extraordinary cities in the Western Hemisphere. The city has an enormous wealth of beautiful women on a scale unlike nearly any other city. The women of Buenos Aires are beautiful, natural women who are comfortable in their amazing bodies. Nearly every women in Buenos Aires is a model waiting to be found, by you of course! The parties are legendary and the clubs and events are overloaded with beautiful, approachable, and fun women.

4. Varna, Bulgaria

Many of you may not have heard of Bulgaria, most of you may not know where to find Bulgaria on a map, but you have all experienced Bulgaria in day dreams, night dreams or just drifting off at work. Bulgaria is a land of no drug laws, cheap vodka, mechanical bulls on the beach, waterslide and some of the most uninhibited natural beauties in the world. This land has cafes with inflatable furniture, thongs and g-strings everywhere you turn your head, see through pants on every corner and topless sunbathing on every beach. What’s more, these women retain a certain level of class and sophistication and take great care of their bodies. The most important part of Bulgaria is the charm and beauty that you will find in these stunning women. Plan your trip today!

5. Los Angeles, California

 How much can be said about L.A. girls, well I think you will find upon arrival that so much can be said you’ll find yourself at a lack of words. The women of L.A. are on a level unlike most any other kind you may have ever seen. All the beautiful people from across the United States flock to this mecca, this is where the cool people come to live, to work, & to try to “make it”. This is what the Beach Boys had in mind when they sang the song California Dreamin’.

6. Moscow , Russia

Mother Russia is home to some of the world’s finest women, the Moscow subway alone has more beauties than most of the United States alone. It’s not only the regularity of tall, blonde hair, blue eyed women that make it so great, it’s also the amazing level of friendliness that you will find. It’s a definite unique experience when what seems like the world’s most beautiful woman is staring your way only to find that she is staring your way, and yes at you! Then she approaches you! Sure the first time, you will mess up, but don’t worry there will be many more on your trip!

7. Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas is the capital of Venezuela. For the record, Venezuela is the country with more Miss Universe Pageant titles than any other nation, therefore you know it’s capital is going to be teeming full of beautiful women. The women of Caracas are so beautiful that they make Brazilian women look like trashier counterparts. I speak honestly when I tell you that these women are exceptionally easy to talk to you and know how to have a great time. I can also attest to the amount of fun you will have when you take a trip to Venezuela.

8. Montreal, Canada

The exquisite taste of France but with the convenient location of Canada, Montreal is truly one of the world’s best cities filled with beautiful women. So many universities and colleges and so many women with fashion sense and a desire to take care of their bodies. One of the best parts is that the women all speak French commonly known as the language of love. I highly recommend you take a trip to Montreal, and find a beautiful leather trench coat wearing beauty that will serenade you in French all night long

9. Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel has some of the best looking women in the world. Perhaps it is something about those green eyes that are just particularly attractive. It should be noted that in Israel women over the age of 18 are required to have been in the military, this of course means that if you hook up with an Israeli girl’s best friend, she may very well kick your ass, while equipped with an Uzi. Sure it’s a longshot, but it could happen.

10. Amsterdam, Holland

Of course Amsterdam must make the list. This city has women more beautiful riding past on bicycles than other cities have going by in chauffeured cars. Dutch girls are amazing in so many ways, they’re trendy, as well as cool, they’re fun, and they are exceptionally beautiful. They’re the kind of girls that you just want to date for a very long time.







Azeanthy Paiman said...

aduii...xtahu lah Malaysia tmpat yg ke berapa kn sis..hehe.

DiDa Licious said...

@Azeanthy~sisi, sy trip malaysian women top 15 kunun ba..itupun kalau tersenarai!..hahahah

Aki said...

Sis Dida,Ko lupa 1 list lagi,

Semua orang cantik2.. :-p.. Hehehe.. Tukan jual reload di kedai pun lawa2.. :-p.. Kak Dida sama Kak Yan pun lawa2.. ^_^.v.. Jadi,masuk la ba tu dalam list,cuma durang tida pigi cek.. Hahaha..

DiDa Licious said...

@Aki~ya,truly sabahan people mmg elundus ba...unique faces..nnt sy antar nama kmi masuk dlm list..ko tunggu ja..hahaha

Aki said...

Palinga ngam.. trus durang edit tu nanti ni page punya detail.. Jan ko eran kalau sabah tiba2 top list kak.. :-p..