Sunday, July 3, 2011

Am i Still Being Read?

Happy Sunday peeps!

Here come the same moaner story once again. so pity me. Lately, i am  thinking that, i am not giving much here, ...sorry! and again my writing were sucks or somehow jerk!..well, i apologize, but actually i don't really care, i just let it out, freed my thoughts. Some said i am a bit outspoken, which is i don't really think i am, but honestly, my heart said i want and loved to be more out-spoken, it is the matter of how i see 'something', how i think and how am i going to talked about that' something'. But surely i don't want to be something that sucks!! *sigh*

Am i still being read?

oo...some may think this is like begging others to read or to be exact, wishing others to keep following my updates. No! it was not and i will never do such thing because i don't really know if i am really being read or people realized my 'existence' here, all i know is i am here and always been here..well, even i loved to be read but i know i cant forced let it be...i just follow the flow! again, i may sounds absurd by this but suddenly this word pops out into my mind:-
"Feeling is something but it will be nothing without thinking!  "

with no further explanation!...

p/s : please, do not ignore my grammatical error..


Finie Ramos said...

DiDa, thanks for your comment. I'm not sure if we have aunt as a teacher in Malaysia except my grandmother (her last service was on 1988 at Sk Panagatan, Keningau) and yes, I have uncle (my dad's youngest brother) name Eden Ramos and we are currently in touch.

Do you have any idea of your Mrs. Ramos teacher? Maybe the person you mentioned is my grandmother but the problem is, Eden Ramos should be her son (if this Mrs. Ramos you knew is my grandmother).

Ps: Please continue our discussion in the main post - so everyone can also read it.. THanks again~

:DiDa: said...

@Finie Ramos omigosh!finie..she is..the sk panagatan was the school!...

Finie Ramos said...

OMG!OMG!OMG!!! you are my grandma's ex-student! Sooo terharuuu~~~ :')

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