Friday, July 8, 2011

the truth & the whole truth!

I decide to be me, i think i will have my "freedom in mind" by deciding this. 
 Sometimes i might be harsh, could be very tame but often wanted to be wild!
 There will be no more's all about me now!

Dear friends,
 Stand beside me and tell me to do right when i am wrong
 Help me to lift myself up always!

To Foes,
 Stand beside me and wait for me to faint and fell!

Dearest Family,
 Stand beside me and pat me at the back!
 All i want is your never-ending and  unconditional love!

P/s : called me silly or whatever...this is myself!


Azeanthy Paiman said...

sis..i have been waiting for your updates,now you back=)

yups,i know what you feels towards freedom..and yups, i need freedom too, i wanted to be free from any those foes, they always wanted us to be fall and sick.that happened to me right now sis..

i hope we will face it with courage..=)

:DiDa: said...

@Azeanthy Paiman sis, so thank u...true! sometimes we need to be free from those foe..they never wanted to see us better than them...let's hope together we can face it with courage then...=)

pRiNCe said...

prince dri kmpulan 9 dtg nk berkenalan..sudi tak jadi kawan prince??:)

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nowriz said...

gud luck dear.. i wil stand by u :)

p/s ; sy namau kalah ber-spiking w/pun tunggang langgang ni.. :)

:DiDa: said...

@nowriz ya! ngam la tu..kita antam ja ba b-spiking...hahah...G-Luck to u too..