Monday, July 11, 2011

Our small conversations

Howdy peeps!

We haven't had enough time to do our small conversations since he got back from KB last Friday, we only talk about normal things mostly about the kids or what meal we are going to cooked or buy today.

Last night, while we were lying next to each other and i was about to sleep when finally he talked about the demonstrations that i think everybody know what it was, and because he was there at that time he told me about the man who had broken leg lying to the ground and tied by the police, by heard him telling that, i asked him what he had done to help the man and he said he helps to find a knife to untied the man since the police will not  let him free even some of his friends beg the police to do so.

And then from that story we were dragged into one to another conversations, we talked almost about anything.a lot of things. We giggle, laughs, cuddles and hugging and holding each others tight until finally i realized that i can't hold my eyes any longer, he was still talking when i glance at the table clock and it was already almost 5am, i just can't barely believe my eyes that it took the whole nights for us to do our small conversations then. But i must admit, that i love the moment we were together.

Even though without a bunch of chocolates or a bouquet of roses i still can feel the sweet-feeling and love in the air and yes!! it's a big worth to sacrifice our sleeping time just for only one night 'lovely' small conversations we spent together.

p/s : i love you!...^^


Aki said...

hehe.. syok kan becerita.. ^_^.v..

:DiDa: said...

@Aki ^^..siok..

yaya said...

sweetnye! macam dalam novel plak =)