Sunday, July 17, 2011

Holding my grudge & anger

Hi everyone!

Grudge. Bukan cerita seram.
Anger.Pun bukan cerita seram jauh sekali cerita tembak-tembak.

Have you ever hate someone and you can't just forget and forgive him/her?.I DO. It actually happened more than two years ago and it still do until now, she is a girl, no.i mean, she is a kid that time. I never know her in the true sense even though we both had a family relations, actually i am the kind of person who is very hard to be prejudice to someone i don't know very closely, no matter how mean or how bad behavior of a person he/she is as long as he/she treats ,me well and i will always consider them a good person.

Although we are not close to each other i never treat NF bad. NF(her base name) is a very pretty girls even though she's a bit dark in complexion, she is very soft spoken and seem to be very well manners, bak kata pepatah "pijak semut pun tak mati". Plus, i often heard her father talks about how well-manners, hardworking, brilliant, soft and sweet-spoken his daughter was, i can say  that his daughter was the complete-package of the dream girls, in brief.

But, NF also the big liar of all, she maybe looked naive but she's a not! and even i tried i just can't forgive her for what she had done. Tak payahlah saya cerita in brief the whole stories, but let just think, would you forgive someone who told you that she is ran-away from home because of her angry father while she actually ran-away following her lover a married man who already had two wives? would you forget when you found out the whole thing, she was wailing to tell that she had been raped but actually she is voluntarily offering herself to her lover in a hotel room and done 'it' more than one? hei..cow! let me make it clear for you.. there was no rape happens in a hotel room..OK!! without any bruises and wound?? you think i'm stupid?..

Would you just forget and forgive when you were protecting her like your own sister, dare to do anything just to make her feel safe and happy with you and found out that she LIED to you all the time?!

Cakaplah apa saja, saya memang tidak mampu untuk memaafkan apalagi melupakan perbuatannya itu sampai bila-bila. Mungkin ada yang akan menasihati saya untuk berbuat demikian, Terima Kasih sahajalah!. saya buat entry ini untuk 'anda' faham dan mengerti kenapa saya masih berkeras-hati setelah sekian lama, bukan sebab ramadahan atau syawal saya perlu untuk memaafkan tetapi tidak kira bulan apa pun saya memang tidak mampu untuk berlembut hati. Tidak kira berapa lama atau sampai bila, biarlah masa yang menentukan.

To the 'stupid -cow', here's you 'award'...

p/s : kepada yang tidak berkenaan, minta maaf..entry ini ditujukan khas untuk si 'Lembu' yang disgusted.


nowriz said...

SUNGGUH PEDAS!..itu seja mampu sy komen.. ;)

DiDa said...

@nowriz the truth..=)