Monday, April 25, 2011

Cameron Highlands With Love

Dearest all,

Haven't reach Cameron Highlands yet?? Well, you should expect it will be as beautiful as the some simple shot I've taken during my last visit earlier this year...enjoy and feel it!


p/s : This is only taken via Sony Ericsson W995 handphone...(",)v


exyanne said...

Hello Phonetographer..
I'm Aki,one of the Our Phonetography Team..
Glad to Know,U were taking those amazing picture with ur Handphone.. And by the spec of ur Phone,That's no wonder why ur shot was amazing.. But sure,U can improve it more,Ur angle,Composition and more Important,Lighting (make it as natural as you can).. ^_^.v..
Check Out those Simple Tutorial on Our Phonetography..
By the way,if you want Us to re-post your Entry in our Blog,U can make the entry in your blog and backlink to us,while we will do the same when re-post..
Nice Shot!!
Keep going Phonetographer.. ^_^.v..

P/s - I'm so sure your hp camera could take bokeh shot.. Just zoom it to the maximum,and then,take a focus,and capture.. ^_^.v.. Will be glad to it form U.. ^_^.v..
-Happy Phonetographing!!-

exyanne said...

I love those 1st,2nd and 9th shot.. I was like... OOOhhh wow!!.. ^_^.v.. Nice Angle!!..

DiDa Licious said...

Thank u for ur review...actually i dunno anything about angel, composition nor the way, this pic was main hentam saja la punya shot..later on, will try to learn more..Thank so much!

beaty said...

dida bulih tahan jua ko [unya camera ni hu hu hu cantik jua tu cactus

exyanne said...

Tia pa.. urang bilang,practise make perfect.. Hehehe.. Kenali ko punya kemampuan HP,then,dari sana,ko boleh blajar sendiri macam mana mo kasi cantik ko punya shot.. Hehehe.. pasal angle,composition and lighting tu,banyak ba di internet tu.. Hehehe.. ko tengok ja,and paham sikit2 sudah la.. Sebab,break the rule sebenarnya benda yang paling best.. hahaha...

Woofer Storm said...

cumil la kaktus2 tu..nak satu boleh??eheeee

DiDa Licious said...

@ beaty ~ tuukooi..cantik ka gia kalu phone camera ja...malu sa oo...*blush*

@exyanne ~ Thanx..such nice info..bru ba sa tau apa tu bokeh arini..hahahaha...." break the rule sebenarnya benda yang paling best.. " I LOIKEEE (",)v

@Woofer Storm ~ nak ke?? meh amik sini..