Friday, April 29, 2011

Sabah Paling MISKIN..

Dear sabahan,

This must be definitely sad for us..but this is not a new issue..see, what "they" had done to our "sabah"

The World Bank (WB) in Washington has confirmed through a new study that Sabah is not only the poorest state in Malaysia but it’s likely to stay that way for a considerable length of time given current efforts in poverty eradication.

The bottomline was that Malaysia’s economic planning in Sabah so far has not been for inclusive growth.

The study contained in the World Bank’s 2010 Malaysia Economic Monitor (MEM), the third in its series, was handed over last night to the state government by WB representative Emmanuel Jimenez, also Human Development Sector Director (East Asia and Pacific Region).

“Although efforts by the Government have somewhat brought down the poverty rate, it’s still not enough,” said Jimenez. “The MEM shows that Sabahans continue to struggle to make ends meet. This is more evident in the outskirts of the towns.”- Malaysiakini

source: Here

p/s :  They had the power, they have to do better!!!


cahayamata2803 said...

anda telah di tag!!

beaty said...

yes sabah is the poorest cause our natural resources harvest by the developed state..

Dulu sa pernah baca tu, kerajaan punya target is kasi maju dulu negeri yang sedia maju n baru yang negara kurang maju nanti baru kasi stat maju kunu..punya bikin sakit hati pikiran orang mcm ni..sepatutnya kasi equal chance.

Kalau ikut betul sabah banyak resources but the politician ambil tu revenue to do their own thing that y rich ppl become richer and poor ppl become poorer. Itu orang politik memang greedy.. tu la pasal kita punya negeri ni kena cop miskin..but apart from that Sabah is one of the best state in malaysia compared than those state..

DiDa Licious said...

@ beaty~ Sad but true!! those politicans were very greedy,instead they suppose done much better because they been voted by rakyat...:(